Yanni vs. Laurel can change your mind …

Have you heard of this? What the heck is Yanni vs. Laurel anyway? It was around the time of the Royal Wedding which I didn’t care about either. But I kept seeing this everywhere!

Everyone else had clearly NOT  been living under a rock as I sometime do …but when I took a moment to “be in the know”  … it BLEW my mind! Sure …  it can be explained by science … but I believe it has a much higher meaning than that. You see … I believe we all create our own realities. Now … hang on … stay with me for just a minute .

How does this have anything to do with a silly internet debate that has absolutely no bearing on your day? I am so glad you asked ….due to my curiosity of all the hub-bub … I listened to it in the morning at about 6:30 am … I heard “Yanni”. I would bet my life on it! My sweet man heard “Laurel” and I was like … no way … no how …There was no way ever that is was “Laurel” and I couldn’t believe he actually though it was not “Yanni” … clear as day for me and he was just hearing things that were not even there! Seriously? 

Then … while showing a friend and asking what she heard ( most likely for validation of what I KNEW to be correct) … I listened again at 3:30 pm that same afternoon. And holy crap! I heard “Laurel”! Wait … what? They must have changed the link just to mess with people! This must be a joke! There is no way that now I only hear “Laurel”! Impossible … but is it?

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who sees something completely differently than you? Or have you ever had the experience where you would swear on a stack of books that someone meant something one way but you took it a different way? Or maybe you are completely sure that you will never get the willpower to achieve that goal you have (whatever that may be)? Maybe it’s that you can’t see a way to overcome some setback …  Or maybe there are some days that you feel on fire and can do anything you set your mind to ….and there are other days that you feel anxious or worn out and just can’t find the motivation to do much of anything …I sure have!

Your mind is extremely powerful! I often think of Henry Ford’s famous quote …

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

The trick is really to notice whenever you feel even a tiny bit of doubt or fear …that is a clue to stop and ask yourself  … why? And …  an even more powerful question to ask yourself is … why not? Is there something else that I could think about this? Am I limiting my options by going with my first reaction?

When I heard something COMPLETELY different than I heard the first time was a huge HOLY SHIFT moment for me! I understood that wherever my reception was at that time of day … allowed me to hear something very specific. Later in the day as my body changed (as it does all the time) … I heard something else. It got me thinking about the people I meet that say things that limit themselves. Things like … I can’t lose this weight …or … I have a bad back so I can’t do that class …or… I can’t get motivated to eat better.

When I hear them say those things … my only thought is … yes you can.

What if they could hear something completely different? What if they were open to another reality than the one they have practiced for so long? What if with a little bit of focus … they could shift their own ability to be receptive to other thoughts?

A caveat though … It has to be genuine … fake it til you make it rarely works. That is how I view positive affirmations. They don’t work when your receptivity to them is forced or contrived out of wishful thinking. But … when you allow yourself to see things differently … it opens the possibility to hear your thoughts differently.

Your self talk is the most important factor in your happiness and your growth. What you say to yourself IS what creates your reality! For example …  I don’t believe if you write 5,000 times that you will win the lottery … that money will magically drop on your doorstep. I also don’t believe that if you decide that Monday morning you will start that diet … or start some new exercise routine … that you will instantly feel great and lose that last 10 pounds.  Affirmations don’t work at all (in fact they can backfire big time) … simply telling yourself what you want will not magically bring it to you on a silver platter. However … if you actually believe you can have whatever it is you want … then your own perception shifts from doubt to actually meaningful changes … those actual meaningful changes can and often do result in tangible things we can smell … touch … hear and see.

So … how do you get there? How do you change your thoughts and beliefs? How do you remove doubt It’s simple … but not easy. You question everything! You ask yourself …where did that belief come from anyway? 

You keep asking questions until that inner voice matches up with the feeling of excitement and joy ….you create the emotions that align with the thoughts you have about whatever it is you wish to do or have or be. How do you know if you are aligned? That’s easy! You know because you feel excited or eager or ready to take on whatever to feel great! And that’s when the action takes place! That’s when you feel inspired to do something.

Inspiration is what makes change. Motivation is too much work!

So the next time you have some negative thought in your head or you feel less than motivated to move ahead in your goals … ask yourself …. Is it Yanni or Laurel? Is it my reception or my belief? Is it possible to see this in a new way?

That morning at 6:30 am …. I was so sure that it was “Yanni” …. But when it changed to “Laurel” later that day … I realized that when I become rigid in a belief … I am limited ….but when I remain open to other possibilities … the world opens up and doors show up that I have never seen before!

This past week I have had so many meaningful conversations with amazing people who limit themselves without even knowing they are doing it. Some are building their real estate business ….some are building their blogs …some are seeking better health. Each one of them has said something that I simply don’t see. I see them as fully capable ….creative …strong ….they hear Laurel while I hear Yanni! Who is right?

Well … I am … of course … they are all rock stars … so are you! When we can keep an open mind with ourselves … keeping an open mind with others becomes the easiest thing to do! Try it …. Tell me what you hear.

The thoughts that make you happy … go with those … the ones that bring trepidation … those aren’t real … and as far as the Yanni vs. Laurel thing … whatever … at 6:30 am it’s “Yanni” and at 3:30 pm … it’s “Laurel”! Best of both worlds! We are all right!

So … I want to know … what did you hear?

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