When something ticks you off … get mad … then get even!

Get ready for a rant … if you are not a fan of straight up …no bs …and low sugar … low carb … better just move along. I will miss you but … you probably won’t miss me a bit … and that’s just fine.

Building a business isn’t the easiest thing to do …. It’s absolutely worth while and for me it’s a dream come true. But … that doesn’t mean it’s always simple and it’s certainly not fast! It takes time and new skills that need to be learned … sometimes through trial and error … sometimes from a friend who has been there or is willing to share their knowledge. It takes some faith in what you are doing even when obstacles look bigger than the satisfaction of making a difference. In sort … frustration can be overwhelming when you allow it to command your thoughts.

Just when you think you have an idea … the steps to bring it to fruition come into view and behold … there is MORE to do. It’s not always straightforward and it’s not always handed to you …but man oh man … when you get a comment from a person who has been touched by your work …. It’s like someone filling your gas tank and cheering as  you drive really fast to go help another beautiful soul!

Then there are the other times when discouragement and comparison get the better of me. I try to stay away from Instagram and Facebook. I am learning that is close to impossible. It sort of makes me mad. These social media giants are taking over and as the saying goes … when in Rome…

However … I have recently seen many (too many) posts that simply … quite honestly … are just plain stupid! There are “yoga” sites with buck naked yogi’s (always women btw) that look more like porn than any yoga I know. Their followings are massive and there are even comments with praise and encouragement. There are also comments usually from yogi’s which … in true yogic form … are respectful and acknowledge that everyone has a right to be themselves … but … sorry … that’s not yoga. I agree. And I unfollow the sites ( I am sure they have already unfollowed me months ago). It’s a known strategy to follow anyone based on hashtags. And then … unfollow after you get the expected follow back. Ever wonder how some of these Instagram accounts have 4 posts and 11.8K followers? Yup … that’s how. Grrr…

It really bothers me. And … I have learned that when something triggers a visceral reaction  … it must mean it’s an issue that has a much deeper meaning than someone else is being a goofball.

It means that I have some insecurity … unresolved issue …or judgement that needs some work and then I can let it go. Basically … it means my reaction tells me I have the issue … they just held up the mirror to my own judgemental self.

I have thought about this a ton. What is it that bugs me so much? Why do I get that angry feeling when I see it and most importantly … why did it take me so long to just “unfollow” and take it out of my vision? I have unfollowed but I still feel angered and righteous. Why? I mean who cares what they post? It’s social media. Everyone knows it’s the reality TV of everyday life without a TV. It’s the “fakebook” and filtered feed for many many companies and people. We all know people like that right? What is so bothersome about someone posting whatever they want? I have a right to unfollow just the way they have a right to post! So why does it rub my rhubarb so much?

Finally … just today … it clicked … I feel so strongly that everyone has gifts to share! I also know that slimy marketing and what is known as “pain points” are effective but crappy ways to sell yourself. As if to say, “without these yoga pants you are simply just not cool.” Meanwhile … back at the ranch … that person has just as many (if not more) troubles than the person scrolling through the feed feeling inadequate or as if they are missing out on the holy grail because their jean size is double digits. I am a huge fan of the celebration of people’s accomplishments and love it when I see someone take true ownership of who they are … I am not a fan of the one-upping or fear based FOMO (fear of missing out) that seems to plague social media these days. It probably is because I spent a long time in FOMO and it was paralyzing. Don’t try and you won’t fail, right?

Well … I finally stepped into the arena and as Brene Brown said … got my ass kicked a few times. Self doubt … fear … inexperience and fatigue are now well known feelings that I speak with everyday. I suppose when I see the picture perfect images … I feel a sense of not measuring up or getting such a late start that will it ever be what I have dreamed it to be. And in those moments of negative thoughts … I remember …

It is the reason I created CHIZEL in the first place! I believe wholly in everyone’s ability to live healthy, happy and in wellness. Even with injuries or limitations … your body will rise to your expectations each and every time. I believe we all have layers of unnecessary crap that we have picked up from others that hinders our wellness.  I believe the body and the mind seek balance …to be even and whole. I also believe that while it’s natural to compare ourselves to others (thank you FB and Instagram) it’s incredibly important to know these absolute truths! They are the basis of CHIZEL

  1. You are a work of art

  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder … be your own beholder … you are beautiful

  3. Without the stuff you don’t need .. getting what you want is way easier

  4. You can never get it wrong

  5. Health and wellness is forever changing within you … there is no finish line

  6. Everyday is different ….honor that and pay attention to how you feel

  7. Do the best you can each day and know that your best sometimes depends on what’s going on in your world that day.

  8. Choose your toxins … most are usually fine in moderation

  9. What you put in your mind matters just as much as what you put in your body

  10. When you feel good … you do great!

So to all of the Insta posts and FB feeds that set an artificial bar … I say thank you! Thank you for helping me to see my own self judgement.  You have helped me get even …as in balanced.

Thank you for helping me define the culture I wish to see within my company. Thank you for teaching me that you can post your nude yoga poses and I can applaud you for putting yourself out there even if I don’t want to exactly call it “yoga” … art maybe … porn … possibly … but absolutely … you have stepped into the arena and I can totally get behind that! You are building your business … and that inspires me to do the same. 

If you want to join me on Facebook and Instagram … I would love it …but don’t expect perfect ….it doesn’t exist!

4 thoughts on “When something ticks you off … get mad … then get even!

  1. Reply
    Cathy - May 21, 2018

    In regard to nude yoga yuck! I haven’t seen it nor do I want to. Of course it’s only My opinion but no matter how tasteful it’s still porn and attracting let’s just say a certain type of which I doubt you want to attract.
    Lauren, I think you are amazing in so many ways. Not only are you gorgeous on the outside…amazing abs, but inside as well, so giving and caring. You’re such a great motivator and so knowledgeable and eager to share. That just scratches the surface.
    I say stay your course. It’s a good vision. You’ve accomplished so much in a short time. ❤️🙏

    1. Reply
      Lauren Fisco - May 21, 2018

      Thank you Cathy!!!!! I just shake my heqad with some of the sites I come across … it’s nice to know others share the same feelings! Love you!

  2. Reply
    Judy - May 22, 2018

    Ditto on dissing the bad sites. We can avoid them but they should be outed for who they really are.
    Keep the vision Lauren. It is a good and worthwhile one. As are you!!
    See you Friday!

    1. Reply
      Lauren Fisco - May 22, 2018

      Thanks Judy! So glad to know I am not a prude … and others also want a more dignified approach! LOL! xo, L

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