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There are so many different work outs, yoga classes and meditation techniques out there. The piece that we believe is missing is to identify where you are right now and implement where you want to be. We all have the same muscles in our bodies, the difference is how you use them and how you create more of what you want and spend less time thinking about what you don't.

Why are we different?
CHIZEL MIND BODY is a unique system of a work out and a work "in". You will leave each session feeling energized, full of vitality and ready to create the life you wish to have. You will have the ability to create new brain pathways, new thoughts and literally change the biochemistry of your cells to create health and wellness though out your body and life!  Each class is specifically designed to sculpt and create the best YOU for yourself, your loved ones and your career ... with all three precisely chizeled as you wish, you will feel more ALIVE, healthy and connected than ever before!
What services do we offer?

We offer online classes, workshopspersonal consulting and strategic consulting. Whether you want to take a class, host a workshop or get yourself in the best mental and physical condition of your life, we have you covered!

I have some injuries, can I still do CHIZEL?

Absolutely! Many of our clients have limiting factors that can be healed by practicing CHIZEL. Every class can be modified to address any injury and any challenge. We are excited to show you how much you really can do and still be safe and most often strengthen the areas that caused the injury to manifest..

Do I need any special equipment?

All you need is a mat, your body and willingness to see yourself healthy, happy, whole and powerful. We take care of the rest. You will leave with a confidence that will stay with you through out each day!

How long does each session last?

We offer 30 minute, 60 minute and personalized sessions. You decide!

Do I have to change my diet?

The short answer is ... usually. We will help you create a plan that works for your lifestyle. We want you to be happy and sometimes making sweeping changes only results in creating something worse. We can modify your diet to fit you without that feeling of deprivation or weakness.

How do I bring CHIZEL to my workplace?

We love increasing the health of people who work hard! Head over to the contact page and send us your contact information and brief description of what your company is about and we can tailor a program specifically for your employees or owners!

I have no clue how to meditate?

No worries! (We didn't either). We can teach you how to not just mediate but also implement the focus that will create the results you want.

I don't want to get bulky, I just want to lose a few pounds.

Perfect! We can do that! While we always believe weight lifting is important, your own body weight can be the best gym. You will learn how to use your body as it was meant to be used, create healing and create CHRONIC ALIGNMENT ( we love that idea).

Can I do this at home? I don't have time for a gym

Absolutely! In fact, CHIZEL was created to help as any people as possible. We are committed to providing inspiring and effective classes online so you have access anytime, even if just for 15 minutes. We will be there to support you as you create your best self yet!

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