Energy Shifts, Massive Change and Smiles … Oh My!

As some of you know … I am a huge energy believer! Everything is energy. And everything is in a constant state of expansion … (hence the Fibonacci tattoo, which my family was not exactly pleased about) . We all are learning and growing every moment of every day whether we know it or not … we are.

There are so many things right now that feel scattered … like … should I step here?  … or should I go this way? … or should I wait this out or ditch it all together? And it’s all because the energy right now is moving really fast … so fast it makes me want to take a nap. In fact …  almost all of the people I have had the pleasure with whom to interact have said to me that they are going through some big changes and the overall feeling has been that they are excited about it. Almost like saying “ I know something more is coming … I just don’t know what it is or how it will look or how I will get it but there is more I want and now is the time to ditch the fear and just see what happens.” 

I am never sure if I am projecting that or if I am just attracting people who feel the same way but for me … this time of massive change doesn’t feel scary … it feels uncertain but right.

My life in the last 2 months has completely changed! I now have more fitness classes and workshops and I also have wonderful clients who are looking to upgrade their lives whether with their health or their homes.  By “upgrade” I mean they are tapping into what the really want and taking steps to get there. In other words … they are spending less time focusing on what they don’t exactly want and more time focused on what could improve or what would be better. I have seen this shift everywhere!  Some have crappy credit but are knowing that it is getting better everyday …. and some have shed pounds of emotional weight that has slowed them down. Some have decided to downsize their homes and release the fluff. Many have had radical changes in their personal lives and still others have lost actual physical weight and now have the ability to see the gains they never thought they would see. In every single case … the springboard that was there waiting for them patiently (without judgement or blame) to notice … was ready whenever they were. All it took was changing the focus toward the goal.

Life is changing fast these days and it’s up to each of us to choose if we go with the change or buck the current and attempt to hang on  … and get dragged.

In essence … why are we arguing for our limitations?

There is great comfort in reliability … but when reliability is repeating the same thoughts and feelings that circle through your mental Rolodex … maybe you can ask yourself , “ Why am I repeating patterns that seem to be different but in reality … they are not different at all?”

I have asked myself this question many times and while I still have not come to an actual answer ( because it changes rapidly) … I believe that it the sorting through that allows the most expansion.

When I think of it as sorting … it feels easier. Figuring things out seems hard. But sorting feels more like a choice … with options and possibilities.

If you are sorting through changes in your life right now … please don’t forget to breathe. Sometimes a 5 minute breathing break to stop the momentum of overwhelm can reset you to be able to surf the waves like a pro! You got this … you can’t get it wrong … when you calm yourself down the answers appear and the next steps will be right there for you to keep sailing!

Need a little guidance … check this guided practice out …even just 5 minutes can make a difference in your mood and change your energy. 

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