Change is sometimes hard but usually always good!

Change can be hard sometimes.

It was with tears in my eyes as I guided my last Yoga Monday class at LA Fitness last week. It took me a few days to truly understand how much those people in that setting have really meant to me. They were the ones who inspired the idea to post videos on YouTube and Vimeo … they were the ones who challenged me to create a different feeling with each class despite the same sequence. They were the faces that began my week with such love and dedication … I couldn’t help but carry the feeling they gave with me all week long!

In case the Monday people felt singled out … no … I had to give up my Friday people as well. These Pilates Junkies inspired me to create the Chizel Series 1 and 2 that live on Vimeo and others outside the class have used to become stronger and more agile. Those crazy Friday people showed up and gave all they had. I will miss the grunting for sure! More importantly, I will miss seeing their progression and gains that make my heart sing with pure joy! I love when someone tells me how a silly Pilates class has made their back feel better or their life easier to navigate. I am so honored to have been a part of that ….It means the world to me!

Why did I abandon my most fun classes? Sometimes I wonder if it was the right choice … but it feels like it is right now. In case you didn’t know … I have started a new career as a Mortgage Loan Officer and as luck would have it … I am busy! I am busy helping people get into new homes and out of high interest rates or situations that aren’t serving them. It has been so much fun to set people up in the best way possible at this time … so they have a better future and more EASE! (It’s not much different than fitness … it takes a bit of prep work but before you know it … life gets really good!) I guess it was the same for me and the reason I decided to give up the two 10:30am classes … I was feeling scattered and not present in classes or with my clients. My hope is that with fewer classes I can show up dedicated to my members and my clients they way they show up for me! Thank you all for the inspiration to be wholeheartedly involved in whatever you decide to do. Your effort and engagement each week has taught me and guided me to do the same.

In case you still want to practice with me … I am still around. Different days and different times but still there. My hope is by simplifying I can actually serve you better!

I have a new schedule and I have a few workshops in the works so stay tuned and I hope I see you soon! Thank you for spending those hours of your life with me … I am so grateful for you!

Refi’s and cash outs and investment homes

The silver lining to giving up my favorite classes is that I get to get “deep” with people. I get to help them adjust their lives as they dream up new goals and find new starts. I have been talking to so many people who are refinancing their homes to save money or to make additions to their existing places. And … it’s interesting … as AirBNB is exploding … many of my clients are buying investment properties to capitalize on the absolutely perfect weather in Phoenix. One client rented his home for 20K in January last year and has booked it again this year for 22K … gotta love Phoenix in January!  If you have dreams of a new place or an investment property … I want to me your girl! We can set you up and get you rolling!! Reach out to me here

Yoga Sip and Song

This place is awesome … the Ultimate hang spot right here in Scottsdale. The food is fabulous and the Vibe works great for an easy Yoga class and happy hour fun! It’s all FREE so jump in and save your spot! They will have special discounts for those who participate in the 45 minute yoga flow ( don’t worry … it’s easy) And … who doesn’t want to do happy hour in Yoga Pants??

Save your spot HERE


Grain Free and HGH Gel

Most of you know I am all about new things that can assist you in reaching that amazing feeling place where you feel good the majority of the time! Whether it’s a class … a massage or a certain yummy food … I want to share with you what I find that works for me! So … I have started to cut out grains and man oh man do I feel better. It’s certainly a challenge for a few weeks to revamp your diet but I can tell you … without grains, I have almost eliminated the achy and bloaty feeling that became sort of usual. (but annoying) Basically its a Paleo diet with some modifications because part of enjoying life is choosing your toxins , right?

Then I found this stuff … HGH gel … and in just 3 days I absolutely feel a difference . I sleep better and have less of an achy feeling in my hips and joints. It’s not that it was bad before but I can feel the difference right away. If you are at all interested in learning about micro doses of HGH gel … click here and see all of the benefits this stuff has.

BTW … I found these Grain Free tortilla chips and they are my absolute favorite thing … I can eat the whole bag in one sitting! Check them out HERE. These are the cheapest ones I can find online but … Sprouts and Whole foods has them on sale occasionally! Happy chipping!

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