Every person will have the physical and mental alignment to have the strength and power live their life to their true potential. 



Our mission is teach you how to CHIZEL your MIND and BODY to create and sustain the ability to live your life the fullest. We want every person on the planet to live in their true power!


We utilize the practices of Yoga and Pilates to sculpt the mind and body PLUS we teach YOU specific mindfulness techniques and tools to eliminate the blocks that have previously  limited your potential.

CHIZEL MIND BODY is a unique system of a work out and a work "in". You will leave each session feeling energized, full of vitality and ready to create the life you wish to have. You will have the ability to create new brain pathways, new thoughts and literally change the biochemistry of your cells to create health and wellness though out your body and life!  Each class is specifically designed to sculpt and create the best YOU for yourself, your loved ones and your career ... with all three precisely chizeled as you wish, you will feel more ALIVE, healthy and connected than ever before!  



Well, here who it is NOT FOR ...

-anyone who really likes to stay in the same life, with the same  chronic pains and the same chronic struggles.

-people who like to ruminate on past events that keep them stuck repeating the same past over and over again.

-anyone who thinks feeling great takes a lot of work and time and when this or that happens, then they will be happy. 

CHIZEL creates the space and the strength to focus on what you actually want and each class is designed to reinforce what you already have to get there FASTER than any other workout we have ever seen! It's all based on Pilates and Yoga for super focused results. It's for all levels, from meditation for beginners to the more advanced yogi who wants that extra edge of a stronger core. When you can eliminate the negative patterns in your BODY and your MIND, the path to happy is so fast and only gets better from there! And the best part, you have the body you want ... look better, feel better, live better! You know you can do it ... the question is why are you not where you want to be ... no matter your age ... CHIZEL can help you get there! 


 which makes every part of your life better!

Why Is CHIZEL MIND BODY different?

CHIZEL MIND BODY is so very different! 

Here is why ... A  message from our Founder and CEO, Lauren ... "I have been an athlete all my life. I have been teaching all sorts of fitness for over 15 years. You name it I've tried it, and if I liked it, I got certified to teach it. And, quickly discovered that simply having that certification in NO WAY qualified me to change someone's life. Maybe I'd make them smile for an hour. Maybe they would have a new experience but the reality is, it wasn't lasting beyond the hour they spent in class. I have seen in the 15 years I have taught, peoples bodies hadn't changed. Sure, the social part was fun and they were actually doing something, but were they really changing their lives? No."

CHIZEL MIND BODY changes all of it! Most of us go to the gym or a yoga class to unwind or get the recommended amount of physical activity we all know is needed to be "healthy". That's great and all ... BUT ... what if you could use that time and energy to really create a stronger mind and body that will allow you the capability and strength to LIVE your life fully and with purpose and a strong feeling that all you want is completely possible for YOU? 

About Lauren

Lauren has been teaching fitness and wellness modalities for over 19 years. She has helped over 8,500 people gain core strength, muscle mass and physical and emotional well-being through exceptional cueing, coaching, an ability to connect and understand individual limitations and specific alignment education.

Her qualifications include:

- 250 hr Register Yoga Teacher- Yoga Alliance - Certified Pilates Instructor – ACE Personal Trainer-AFFA Group Exercise - Certified BOSU trainer - LeMond Indoor Cycling - Les Mills BODYPUMP and BODYCOMBAT - AFFA Kickboxing - HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training), Cardio Conditioning, Tabata, Tri-Athlete Training - Sport Specific Functional Training-Golf, Swimming, Football, CPAT training - Post Physical Therapy Training - CPR/First Aid certified - Liability Insured - Certified RRC Life Coach – Hypnotherapy - NLP - Post Bach Teaching Secondary Education, University of Phoenix - B.A. University of Vermont.

She has facilitated numerous workshops for select Yoga Studios. She has also programmed and instructed yoga workshops for the Environmental Health Symposium and it’s 400 attending physicians and she has developed specific programs for Maricopa Department of Corrections as an integral part of the rehabilitation process for substance abuse offenders. She believes that people from all backgrounds can and will benefit from the principles behind CHIZEL.MIND.BODY.

Her passion is to empower everyone she encounters to become the best version of themselves! She believes that when people know better, they do better and with each person who taps into their personal power from within, the world becomes a better place, one person at a time.

She has  also created Strategic Mind Body Consulting, her personal coaching practice, to help individuals find purpose and greater achievement in all aspects of their lives; reaching and surpassing their truest potential!


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