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CHIZEL.MIND.BODY is a unique system of a work out and work "in". You will leave each session feeling energized, full of vitality and ready to create the life you wish to have. You will have the ability to create new brain pathways, new thoughts and literally change the biochemistry of your cells to create health and wellness though out your body and life!


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 I started doing mat Pilates with Lauren 5 months ago.  It is amazing!  I feel taller after each class.  It just releases tension and stretches muscles that get so tense sitting a lot.  It is also very challenging if I want it to be...you can modify the movements to your fitness and wellness level.  I will be able to do this for the rest of my life!!  Right now, I am seeing definition in my legs I haven't seen in years. And the mental benefits after each class last the rest of the day.  It is cool that by focusing on your muscles and your breath, you actually relax and calm your mind.  This is the real deal for mind body connection, strength training, releasing muscle tension and aligning your spine and posture.  I am grateful to have such a gifted person leading me through this practice...plus, she plays great music so I kinda forget about my burning muscles 😉


Scottsdale AZ

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your fabulous mat pilates class. It’s fascinating to learn the connection between alignment, breathing, exercise and concentration as we strengthen our bodies through pilates.  I so appreciate your attention to our posture and balance as well as the actual exercises.  It’s obvious that you care deeply about our overall health and are quick to compliment us when we make an alignment correction or push ourselves to do just one or two more.

Teaching us the proper names of our muscles  helps us to know our bodies and to focus as we work.   The stretching  minimizes soreness and is something we can easily do at home as well.  The various levels of exercise that you offer helps those of us with medical issues or injuries fully participate and see beautiful results.  As we age the emphasis you place on balance helps so much to reduce the risk of falling. -

- The interest you take by arriving early and willingness to stay after class to answer questions to guide us with individual needs is above expectation.  I have been a fitness club member for over 30 years in 3 different states and without a doubt yours is the finest class, the most personalized approach, with the most visible results in my body and overall wellbeing.  You certainly have a superior talent, a fabulous personality, and care so much about the health of our body, mind and spirit.  You are truly an inspiration.

Many thanks and lots of blessings,


Scottsdale AZ

I’ve taken fitness courses for more than 15 years and yet to find anyone with ALL of the qualities Lauren possesses. Obviously she’s very knowledgeable and experienced in the field, but she has the unique ability to combine compassion with humor while adapting to all skill levels. I can’t imagine a more effective and entertaining coach.


Scottsdale AZ

May I highly recommend Lauren as an instructor/fitness coach. I have taken her Pilates classes for several weeks and I can already tell a difference in my core. I have lifted weights for years but I can safely say that her Pilates classes have done more to sculpt my core and increase my flexibility. At age 61, my fitness is steadily improving and I credit Lauren for that. I highly recommend her!


Scottsdale AZ

One of my favorite instructors no doubt some of the changes in my body thanks to you!


Scottsdale AZ

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